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As a high level business owner, most will understand the importance and value of one-to one business coaching. However, it still remains difficult for those owners to find the time to engage in such coaching and also it can be quite cost effective.

Naz has designed a method for being able to provide the one-to-one coaching sessions in more manageable bite size chunks without you leaving your office, through online coaching. The client will book in for a 30 minute coaching session organised in advance and run through ‘go to meeting’ – so that the session remains face to face.

The benefit that most of our clients highlight in this is that they receive the same level of coaching as they would face to face in the office, but in manageable chunks, in time frames that suit them, and at a fair cost.

Naz Khaliq International Business Coach and Speaker - online coaching
Naz Khaliq International Business Coach and Speaker - online coaching
What can you hope to achieve from online one-to- one coaching:
  • Learn how to increase sales – in a manageable way – that helps you achieve your aims
  • Understand what mental changes you have to make to be able to achieve what you want
  • Understand how Sales, marketing, Operations and Back office have to be in equilibrium to achieve real results

Words to live by

" For every challenge there is a solution
~ finding it is not always easy.
"Find inspiration that drives you
~ you will always find happiness.
"Life is for living
~ find a way to enjoy it no matter what.

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