Naz Khaliq

International Business Speaker


Event Speaking

Naz is an accomplished International Speaker and highly sought after at conferences and franchise events. He speaks at a number of events regularly in the UK in each year and will normally carry out one or two speaking events abroad.

In 2015, Naz was asked by an International Charity to present a speaking tour in 8 areas around the Caribbean, and presenting to hundreds of small businesses on topics such as Business Planning, Understanding Financial Information, Marketing, Team Motivation and Aspiring to greater achievements.

Naz is one of England’s leading speakers to the Small Business Sector. He started his first business with two partners and grew it doubling turnover and profits year by year. After three years, he sold his share of that business back to the other two partners and started his own business by himself. He then started his second business, which he remains an owner of today.


Naz Khaliq International Business Coach and Speaker - event speaking

His commitment to drive his own businesses forward enables him to understand what is needed through the practicalities of having done it himself. It makes him able to put it in to plain language that every small business owner understands and can relate to.

He talks of hard work, commitment, stress, mental and physical struggle and how to combat the negativity that develops inside us, to see the future how you want to, and how to move forward to achieve your dreams.

Naz Khaliq International Business Coach and Speaker - event speaking



In 2014, Naz travelled to South Africa and America to present as a speaker at specialist Industry related events.

In 2013, Naz travelled on a three week, busy speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand. With 14 flights in a 19 day trip, there is a clear demonstration of Naz’s commitment to heard work and sharing knowledge that can transform small businesses from good to great businesses just simply by applying the tips, tools and ideas that naz teaches.

Words to live by

" For every challenge there is a solution
~ finding it is not always easy.
"Find inspiration that drives you
~ you will always find happiness.
"Life is for living
~ find a way to enjoy it no matter what.

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