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If I ask you to buy your business today for £100,000 and sell it twelve months from now for £1 million – in essence, if I asked you to increase the value of your business ten times in one year – what would you do differently?

The answer is … EVERYTHING!

Are you building your business for the future?

When does the future come? If you don’t change what you are doing now – the future will pass you by, whilst you have been a slave to your business.

If I ask you to drive to Bristol, what preparation would you do?

You’d ask for the address of where you’re going, rather than just randomly turning up somewhere in Bristol and then you would use a Sat Nav to give you road by road directions all the way there. If you didn’t have a Sat Nav, you’d print off four pages of notes from google maps and then go…

And yet, if I ask you for the same detail about where your business is going – you wouldn’t have anywhere near that detail.

Four pages of road by road notes for a 4 hour journey.
But nothing for a 4 year journey … Isn’t that crazy?

Naz Khaliq International Business Coach and Speaker

Words to live by

" For every challenge there is a solution
~ finding it is not always easy.
"Find inspiration that drives you
~ you will always find happiness.
"Life is for living
~ find a way to enjoy it no matter what.

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